Comic romantic suspense

“an entertaining, often exciting and sometimes touching story”

“a fun and turbulent thrill-ride!”

“I laughed so hard that my sides hurt. What great characters!”

I'm the author of several award-winning books for the young--and young at heart. But now that I've finally grown up, I'm also writing comic romantic thrillers for adults. Or some such combination of genres. Enjoy!

Winifred Morris

Copyright 2014, Winifred Morris, all rights reserved

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Annie is the front woman of a rock ‘n’ roll band, playing sleazy bars and barely making enough money for gas to the next town. So she’s also making deliveries for some old hippie friends of the family. This means there’s no room in her life for a man. Too risky for both him and her. Then she meets Wes—rumpled hair, quirky twist to his smile, shoulders clearly meant to cradle a woman’s head—and her heart goes into a Reggae beat.

But he happens to be an undercover agent hoping to bust her and her hippie friends. This would be tricky enough, but next her gentle but schizophrenic uncle is lured into a plot to bomb a Fourth of July parade. Add to her troubles a broke broker now turned kidnapper and a bass player who doesn’t like to think too much.

Can she rescue her uncle, stop the bomb, and get Wes out of her life?

Or does she really want Wes out of her life?

Rock 'n' Roll, Romance, and a Bomb!