I'm the author of several award-winning books for the young--and young at heart. But now that I've finally grown up, I'm also writing comic romantic thrillers for adults. Or some such combination of genres. Enjoy!​

"What a romp--but with a touch of angst to make me care."​

"I was hooked from the moment Kiva pulled all that money out of the trunk of her car until the last, satisfying scene in the arms of her true love."

​"A hilarious romp that satirizes the drug culture, hippies, lawyers, casinos, and conspicuous consumption, all the while tilting softly in the direction of wisdom."

​"This has to be one of the funniest books I've read in a long, long time."​​

Winifred Morris

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When Kiva leaves her drug-smuggling husband to start a new life in a mouse-infested farmhouse, she thinks no one from her old life will be able to find her there. But just about everyone does - including her daughter who ran away four years ago, her best friend who pulls her back into illegal activities, and the captain of the smuggling boat who hasn't been paid. 

A woman's quest to reunite with her daughter, quit being quite such a screw-up, and possibly find true love while pursued by assorted bad guys

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