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Short and sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes dangerous!

"With wit and humor, Winifred Morris has written another entertaining story."

"I dunno what genre you’d apply to The Sometime Burglar. Perhaps you could call it romantic-crime-humor-contemporary-women’s fiction that guys will like too."

"a fast, fun read with the right kind of spiciness injected into the romantic plot: descriptive but tasteful."

"[Morris] has a great ability to blend tension with humor with a very smooth writing style."

Emma is sometimes a burglar for ex-spouses who got a raw deal in the divorce. She’s also a psychology student—at least partly because she doesn’t understand herself. She’s sort of a nerdy secret warrior fighting injustice, and this is a comforting thought when she looks in the mirror or spends another night alone.

Then through one of the burglaries, she gets a laptop that has incriminating information on it. This brings her into the world of political corruption and dangerous thugs. It also brings her into the condo of a sexy lawyer who seems to see the secret warrior in her.

Or is he only using her for his own political gain?

Copyright 2016, Winifred Morris, all rights reserved

I'm the author of several award-winning books for the young--and young at heart. But now that I've finally grown up, I'm also writing comic romantic thrillers for adults. Or some such combination of genres. Enjoy!